The Art of Letter Writing and the Joy of Getting a Letter in the Mail


The art of letter writing and the joy of getting a letter in the mail.
Children love to receive mail. Introducing them to letter writing can be fun and a great learning experience. Find a relative or family friend that you think would enjoy receiving mail from your child(ren). Break out the writing tools you have on hand; pens of all colors, crayons, colored pencils, to add some extra creativity to their letter.
If you child(ren) have not been to the Post Office take them on a mini field trip and have them go to the counter and buy their own stamp and get it post-marked. They will enjoy seeing the process.
I grew up in a military family and enjoyed writing to my Grandmother. It was so much fun hearing back from her I never realized that I was developing writing skills along the way. I know it also brought much joy to her life as it did to mine. I have letters from her in a box some 40 years old. Now that she is gone the letters are a treasured reminder of my precious Grandmother.
Free Printable Stationary, set your printer on Landscape, two sheets per page.

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Hand Made Holiday Cards

Home Made Greeting Cards 
You don’t need to be a scrap booker or have any fancy card making tools to make one of a kind, heart felt cards with your child. Invest in the following and make 50 cards for around the same price a three store bought cards.
• 1 box of 50 (4.5 x 6.25) envelopes. Best price I found so far is at Walmart for $7.19 a box
• 1 package of HP 20lb Multipurpose paper (8 1/2 x 11) acid free, 500 sheet pack. I found this at Walmart for $5.98
• Elmer’s glue stick with disappearing purple glue, two pack for $.77 also at Walmart
Now have fun getting out what you have on hand; crayons, markers, gel pens. Be creative, you’ll be surprised what you have on hand that your child can use to decorate their card.

Depending on your child’s age this is a great time to practice motor skills and to talk a little math. While you are showing them how to fold a piece of paper in half, unfold it and talk with them about the number of sections in the paper and what half of something is. Fold the paper and in half again,
unfold the paper and review as you did with the first fold. If your children are at the stage in school where they are learning multiplication (numbers 0 – 10) this is a good time to introduce fractions.
• I will be making some free to print items for your children to use to enhance their cards. Please check back with me soon.
• Please email me pictures of your child(ren)’s cards and I will post them and they can enjoy seeing their creation online. You may include their first name if you wish, but for safety and privacy that is all I will post. You can even send a picture of your child holding up his or her card.
• email photos to: